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Resources by Country

  • Australia

    Australian Genealogy at

  • Canada

    Canadian Genealogy Records Online : Over 1500 links to databases and record transcriptions.

    British Buried in Masonic Cemetery, Burnaby, B.C., Canada (archived website).

    People Born in Toronto, Canada but Found on the 1881 Census in England (archived Web page).

  • France

    French Genealogy at

  • Germany

    German Genealogy at

  • India

    Anglo Indian Family Trees

  • United States

    United States Genealogy at

    World Wide Databases

    Worldwide Directory of Online Cemetery Records

    A Collection of Unusual Epitaphs. Funny, original, curious, quaint, touching, poetic, telling graveyard litterature. Browse by location or by surname.'s Research Interest Database One of the largest Genealogy Research Message Board on the Internet. This FREE database will help you find others looking for the same family names.

    List of Most Common Surnames. Most common surnames in over 40 countries.

    The War Graves Photographic Project. The aim of The War Graves Photographic Project is to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, MoD grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day and make these available within a searchable database.

    Find a Grave : Search over 23 million grave records.

    Books We Own : A Free Look-Up Resource for International Genealogical Research

    Mariners Index : An index to references for mariners and seamen worldwide, mentioned in colonial Australian newspapers, pre 1900.

    Register of One-Name Studies. Each of the 7000 surnames and variants listed in the register is currently registered by a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies as the subject of a one-name study. The member is therefore collecting all occurrences of the surname on a world-wide basis and contact information is provided.

    GeneaNet. A world network of genealogical databases. GeneaNet's mission is to make the power of the Internet available to users by setting up a universal register of all the world's genealogical resources, whether Net-based or not, and whether free or fee-paying.

    Search a Family Picture with GeneaNet : Search the database for photos or paintings of your ancestors!

    Ancestral Files, Family Search : A worldwide database of family groups and pedigrees created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Ybase : Genealogy by Numbers. Ybase is an open, global resource for genealogists. Find your genetic cousins worldwide - independently of which testing service you have used. The database is searchable on 49 Y-chromosome markers. Anyone can add to it. Anyone can search it. Search by haplotype or by surname.

    Y-Chromosome Database. A Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation database. Search by surname and/or by genetic marker values.

    Newspaper Abstracts Site Search. Thousands of pages of American, Canadian, United Kingdom and Irish newspaper abstracts contributed by visitors.

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission Database. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission pays tribute to the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.

    Behind the Name : The Etymology and History of First Names

    WW-Person : A data base of the higher nobility in Europe. Over 350,000 names. WW-Person now contains 87000 persons of English nobility (including Irish nobility and Scottish nobility), 20000 persons of Italian nobility, 25000 persons of Spanish nobility, 13000 persons of Russian nobility, 60000 persons of French nobility and over 100000 persons of German nobility (including Austrian nobility and Swiss Nobility). For each person original names, titles, dates and relatives are given. A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe.

    Royal Genealogies. This is a conversion of a huge Gedcom file into a HTML format for use with web browsers.

    Daniel de Rauglaude's Database. Over two million individuals: genealogies of European royal families from the 6th century to the present, French and US Presidents, Nobel price winners, and other celebrities.

    GenCircles' Global Tree. The Global Tree is a pedigree linked database consisting of over 60 million ancestors submitted to GenCircles by users of the site.

    The Record of Deceased POWs in Japan During World War II. Mainly Commonwealth, American and Dutch casualties.

    The Lusitania's Passengers and Crew, May 7, 1915. The Lusitania left New York May 1, 1915. She was expected to arrive in Liverpool by Saturday, May 8 but sank on May 7. The total number of persons on board was 1,918, of whom 1,253 were passengers and 665 were members of the crew.

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