Channel Islands Genealogy
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General Genealogy Links

Channel Islands Births and Baptisms, 1820-1907. Index to selected Channel Islands births and baptisms. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. This collection contains 41,647 records.

Channel Islands Surname Interests List

1841 Census Channel Islands. This webpage contains transcribed information from the 1841 census returns for the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, Serk, Caskets Rock, Alderney, Jethou and Herm.

Methodists name list from Methodism in the Channel Islands by R.D. Moore (1952)

List of Weslyan ministers in the Channel Islands from 1784 to 1884

Lighthouse Personnel In England, Wales and the Channel Islands, c1790-1911

Channel Islands Genealogy Mailing List at RootsWeb. Topic : the Channel Islands (Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey) which lie off the Normandy coast of France. You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them.

  • Alderney

    The Alderney Commercial Directory of 1851 (Channel Islands)

  • Guernsey

    1881 Census: Residents of Hospital Of St Peter Port, Near St Julians Ave, St Peter-Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

    Guernsey as it used to be. Index of Surnames in a book written about Guernsey, Channel Islands in the period 1865-1880 (archived website - may be unavailable, incomplete or slow to respond).

    The Stranger Cemetery, Guernsey, Channel Islands, Index of names

    Ships & crews in port in Guernsey, Channel Islands during 1881 census : Part 1 - Part 2

    International Genealogical Index (IGI) Batch Numbers for Guernsey, Channel Islands. A useful index since searching the IGI by last name only is not permitted unless you search within a single batch of records at a time. Click on the batch number of interest and enter the surname you are searching for to be taken to the relevant search results at

  • Jersey

    Index to 1849 Map of Jersey, Channel Islands : (Some 2,000 names of House Proprietors are listed in alphabetical order by Parish)

    The Jersey Datestones Project, Channel Islands. An architectural feature of many old Channel Islands houses that will be of interest to family historians are datestones, sometimes referred to as Marriage Stones.

    Jersey names from the past : Names found in the history of the island of Jersey, one of the British Channel Islands

    Wessex Strays in Jersey, Channel Islands : 1851 Census, 1871 Census, 1891 Census

    1881 Census: Residents of General Hospital, Gloucester Street, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

    Ships & crews in port in Jersey, Channel Islands during 1881 census